Got my book today

Starax Angel and DevilBrian White (SL: Ansel Gasparini) told me many moons ago that he was working on a book about Second Life and asked if he could use Oyster Bay in it.  No problem, I said…I mean, the whole Oyster Bay concept has been about sharing Second Life-generated art and the joy of creating such art with others.  So we chatted a while about Second Life art – and SL in general – and he went on his way.  We kept in touch; at one point, he loaned his copy of Starax’s “Angel & Devil” to Oyster Bay (right) for exhibit.  We also discussed the possibility of his putting up a unique sculpture of his own – but this book project kept getting in the way.

The book release, for “Second Life: A Guide to Your Virtual World,” finally happened via a fun in-world launch in mid-September.  At the time, I asked Ansel where to get the book.  He said, don’t worry about it; he was allowed a number of free copies and offered one to me.  Ever the freeloader, I quickly accepted his generous offer.  (But I saw the Thinc Book excerpt of the first chapter, which mentioned Oyster Bay on pages 12 and 13 – even with a photo of the Oyster Bay Balloon Festival!)

The book arrived today, and it’s REALLY nice.  (Yeah, there’s a bit of a rush to seeing your virtual venue cross over into print.  A sense of permanence, too…guess that condo development will have to wait until the book goes out of print!  Hee hee…)  I feel guilty about Ansel sending me a free copy but am very appreciative of his kind gesture.  Looking the book over for the past hour or so, I’m finding myself impressed that he covered the gamut of user experiences – from the total newbie to the more advanced SL resident.  And it’s an attractive book, too.

Run out to the bookstore or click your way over to to  get your copy.  And thank you, Ansel!

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