A favorite sculpture – from Better World Island

This piece of artwork is located at the landing zone at Better World Island.   It was one of the first places I discovered in SL (just about a year ago, really!), and I was blown away by Camp Darfur and Delia Lake’s Center for Water Studies.  I have many warm memories and feelings about the people at this sim…they REALLY are trying to leverage their piece of SL property to make our real world a better place.

The sculpture is emblematic of that spirit – not a Cheen Pitney work or a Sabine Stonebender creation by any extent of the imagination, but a simple and clear expression of their vision.  Starting SL sculpture artists could learn volumes from this piece.

Stop by and look around!  There’s lots to see at Better World Island.

Don’t-miss sim: Rezzable Hallucinogen

Stop whatever you are doing and check this sim out – the latest from Light Waves — errrrr — Starax and his company pals.

Incredible. Incredible. Incredible.

[UPDATE: If you don’t drop everything to check out this sim, check out Isolde Flamand’s blog entry where she shares a few incredible photos – and offers some great technical advice on how to set up your browser when visiting.]

Sunday Morning Machinima

Real life and Second Life circumstances has prevented me from checking out the latest machinima on YouTube.  But it’s Sunday morning, and I’m lounging with a coffee and my laptop while catching up on the  Ken Burns PBS documentary series, “The War” (which is very good, by the way).  So I grabbed the laptop and started scanning the YouTube horizon for machinima.

I came across this piece…not ABOUT Second Life art like Kronos Kirkorian’s amazing piece about Oyster Bay’s spring show but rather artistic in its own right.  Just beautiful work, called “ASHITA (tomorrow)”…