Save Lauk’s Nest - Mission Accomplished

We came…we saw…we got what we wanted!

All along, the goal of the Save Lauk’s Nest push was to assist Lukas Mensing in identifying a buyer for this priceless SL property. Thanks to the awareness campaign culminating in the Save Lauk’s Nest event that took place on 6 October, Lukas Mensing has at least one serious potential buyer. We did our part – Now it’s up to Lukas to close the deal.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. From SL media like SL Insider, New World Notes, Metaverse Messenger and The AvaStar – to today’s performers and artists and people like Cyanide Seelowe, who really got things started, and Peachy Sassoon and Xerxes Sismondi of SL dance party extraordinaire Drama Libre – it took a community effort to get Lauk’s Nest to this point.

So, as we wish Lukas Mensing good luck with Lauk’s Nest….let’s take one look back at the party of the season – the SAVE LAUK’S NEST Art & Music Festival! A special event for a special place…

One Response

  1. fantastic! while I still waffle on the topic of permanence in a world filled with fleeting real estate, I’m still very glad to see the art community pull together like this– our sub-culture is all about networking and collaboration and sharing, and this movement definitely exemplifies all that!

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