“I’m not dead yet!”

That’s a famous line from Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” movie.  And it applies to Lauk’s Nest, too!

Among the amazing amount of coverage given to the Linden VAT policy-inspired crisis at Lauk’s Nest, the AvaStar stepped up and offered a great cover story on the crisis.

Avastar-Lauk’s Nest 1

Problem is, they went a HAIR too far.  Lauk’s Nest isn’t closed yet.  In fact, there’s an awareness-building event for Lauk’s Nest today….great art and music.  Should be a good time and hopefully will keep the profile of the place high as to help find a buyer.

Save Lauk’s Nest

Thanks to the AvaStar – and everyone else – for their coverage of this important issue.  But just know, Lauk’s Nest isn’t dead….YET.

(AvaStar story after the fold.)

Avastar-Lauk’s Nest 2

2 Responses

  1. […] peut sauver Lauk’s Nest (voir aussi Second Arts). C’est délicieusement anarchique. Et puis il y a plein d’arbres et de créations […]

  2. Yeah, Avastar does that sometimes for extra dramatic effect. But hey, Im all about extra dramatic effect!

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