Save Lauk’s Nest - Mission Accomplished

We came…we saw…we got what we wanted!

All along, the goal of the Save Lauk’s Nest push was to assist Lukas Mensing in identifying a buyer for this priceless SL property. Thanks to the awareness campaign culminating in the Save Lauk’s Nest event that took place on 6 October, Lukas Mensing has at least one serious potential buyer. We did our part – Now it’s up to Lukas to close the deal.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. From SL media like SL Insider, New World Notes, Metaverse Messenger and The AvaStar – to today’s performers and artists and people like Cyanide Seelowe, who really got things started, and Peachy Sassoon and Xerxes Sismondi of SL dance party extraordinaire Drama Libre – it took a community effort to get Lauk’s Nest to this point.

So, as we wish Lukas Mensing good luck with Lauk’s Nest….let’s take one look back at the party of the season – the SAVE LAUK’S NEST Art & Music Festival! A special event for a special place…


Ruthed adj. A conditional identity one may encounter while traveling between realms in Second Life usually resulting in auburn dome hair, abnormal ugliness, sexual androgyny, and an overall confused sense of self.


Photography Exhibition & Opening Gala
at Simply Elegant in Turvile (235, 193, 40)

SUNDAY October 14th 1pm – 3pm

Featuring some of SL’s celebrities and many other shifty characters.

Music provided by Doubledown Tandino
The gallery will be on display throughout October.
Presented by Isolde Flamand & Doubledown Tandino

Sunday October 14th – RUTHED! & Other SL Mishaps – Opening Gala 1pm-3pm (slt)

The second Linden VAT shoe drops

And this time, it’s Svarga.

Laukosargas Svarog made the following comment on a post about the Linden Lab VAT fiasco and its effect on Lauk’s prior build, Lauk’s Nest:

Some confusion I think in the article between Svarga ( my current island ) and Lauk’s Nest ( which I used to own and is now owned by Lukas Mensing ). However the point remains the same. Lukas works very hard indeed to promote the arts in SL and all that hard work will be in vain if no resolution to this issue is found.

Similar to Lukas, the income generated by my store in Svarga only just covers the island’s cost. Adding 25% is too much and means it will be operating at a loss. Ever since it’s conception LL have used Svarga prominently in their promotional material and for that I have received nothing at all from them. I pay full price for the island just like everyone else. Now adding 25% will break the camels back and I’m afraid I now have to sell the island, very likely this means it will also be deleted.

If you wish to support Lukas and help bring the issues discussed in the article to greater attention please attend the event at Lauk’s Nest in Aviso on 6th october ( all day/night )


I’m floored. Just as I thought that the Lauk’s Nest situation was closing in on a positive resolution, this happens. This is bad, bad, bad news.

When I get over the shock, I’ll post some photos from a really enjoyable “SAVE LAUK’S NEST” event.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

[UPDATE: Additional information is at “The Virtual Jennyfur” weblog.  (Nice photos of Svarga too!)  It makes reference to a forum entry about the topic.  Guess that this had been in the works for a little while]

“I’m not dead yet!”

That’s a famous line from Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” movie.  And it applies to Lauk’s Nest, too!

Among the amazing amount of coverage given to the Linden VAT policy-inspired crisis at Lauk’s Nest, the AvaStar stepped up and offered a great cover story on the crisis.

Avastar-Lauk’s Nest 1

Problem is, they went a HAIR too far.  Lauk’s Nest isn’t closed yet.  In fact, there’s an awareness-building event for Lauk’s Nest today….great art and music.  Should be a good time and hopefully will keep the profile of the place high as to help find a buyer.

Save Lauk’s Nest

Thanks to the AvaStar – and everyone else – for their coverage of this important issue.  But just know, Lauk’s Nest isn’t dead….YET.

(AvaStar story after the fold.)

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