My tour of Lauk’s Nest

It had been some time since I took in EVERYTHING that is Lauk’s Nest, and all of the attention I’ve been giving it in the Second Arts blog led me back, this time to re-appreciate this magical place.  I took a few photos and hope you enjoy.

Start at the top – literally!  These intricately-textured thrones are at the top of the Lauk’s Nest island.

As is this rug, with terrific contemplative poses.  These places are so secluded with all of the greenery…you have to seek them out.

Then, at the water level, there’s this cave:

Inside the cave is a piece that I found real intriguing, Sandhya2 Patel’s “Jesus on Cross.”  I just don’t see a lot of explicitly religous  imagery in SL-generated art…it really made me think about the role of religion in the virtual world.  Definitely something to explore going forward.

You can’t help but be impressed with this incredible waterfall…

Up at the top of the waterfall, I took a quick dip with the hippos!

But the waterfall was so nice, I had to take a second look:

The background textures on the walls and bricks at Lauk’s is incredible…and make all the difference.

Another example, a simple ledge turned into a tropical jungle paradise:

Inside the Mayan temple, there’s a great little room – hidden from the outside world…

The serenity of the gardens makes you want to close your eyes and take it in (OK, OK, I blinked!).

About halfway down the steps from the garden to the water, I stopped and took in the impressive view:

What a great place.  I can’t recommend it enough.  Come for the Saturday event and enjoy the art and music.  Come whenever and just take it in.  I’m telling you, Lauk’s Nest is a special place.  Unique in all of Second Life.  Don’t miss on the chance to experience it for yourself.

P.S.  These were found at an adjoining island.  What are they?  They can’t be….RUTHS?

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