My tour of Lauk’s Nest

It had been some time since I took in EVERYTHING that is Lauk’s Nest, and all of the attention I’ve been giving it in the Second Arts blog led me back, this time to re-appreciate this magical place.  I took a few photos and hope you enjoy.

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Lindens admit there’s a problem; SAVE LAUK’S NEST event still on!

Linden Lab, in the official blog, tells us that there will be a Town Hall Meeting on Monday, 8 October at 11:00AM SLT at the Pooley Stage, to address SL resident concerns about the European VAT. The last Town Hall Meeting that I know of was in response to the mass public uprising over deteriorating grid quality – so this gives you an idea of the level of significance the VAT issue has achieved at Linden Lab.

Doesn’t matter what Linden Lab does, though – Lukas Mensing still has to worry about Lauk’s Nest. The VAT is not going away. So the SAVE LAUK’S NEST event rolls on….

Save Lauk’s Nest

Not so fast, my friend!

I guess I spoke too soon.  Second Life’s Atlantis sim, contrary to what I was told by more than one person, is actually still on the SL grid – it’s now a private sim.  Thanks to Tya Fallingbridge for the tip.

I stand corrected – and then let the line form behind me, to be filled with people hoping for the opportunity to tour this impressive looking build.

I can’t be happier to be wrong!