Lauk’s Nest festivities

I received this notecard from Gary Kohine, one of the community volunteers supporting Lauk’s Nest:

This is a special announcement regarding Lauk’s Nest to our supporters from this past weekends concert/dance event.

By popular demand from our benefit concert/dance this past weekend. We have decided to make this a permanent feature at Lauk’s Nest.  Meaning, that from here on out we will have regular music for your listening and dancing pleasure.

We will try and mix it up with various romantic music, and of course the ever popular 70’s Rock genre.

Tonight, and also do to popular demand, we will again feature the music of George Winston. I will be playing his arrangements for you. As well as be your DJ for the 70’s rock music.

The ongoing, nightly music will be until further notice, starting at 3 pm SLT and last until I decide to stop.  Probably for 3-4 hours. The only exception to this schedule will be this Saturday due to the special event being sponsored by Second Arts. The details of this “Save Lauk’s Nest” event can be viewed here:

Caveat: my personal RL schedule may change radically and I may not be able to do this every night when that happens. I will keep you informed.

The SLURL for our now permanent dance and concert are is below. This will last until I drop starting immediately. Here on Sunday, Sept. 30th.

We are looking forward to being able to provide you a continuing place for you to come for those romantic times or just to have fun.

Gary Kohime,
So Else Admin

Sounds like fun!

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