Atlantis: Gone Forever

Lest anyone think that I’m blowing smoke about the threat facing Lauk’s Nest due to the fallout of Linden Lab’s bombshell imposition of the European Value Added Tax, let me share some photos with you from Cristiano Midnight’s Snapzilla site of a magical place in SL – one of its greatest builds, I’m told. The photos were taken at a place called Atlantis.

And Atlantis is gone.

Thanks to Cristiano, we can at least see what this magical build was all about…and consider whether we want Lauk’s Nest to go the way of Atlantis and be reduced to a search term on Snapzilla. Look after the fold for Cristiano’s inventory of Atlantis photos…

Starax’s “Hebe”…

Starax’s piece….I believe called “Fountain Girl”…

Another look at “Hebe”….

“Hebe” again…

Anyone know who made this sculpture? Looks like a Starax to me, but I can’t be sure.

Tya Fallingbridge, the builder of Atlantis:

This last picture was taken on July 11, 2005. There is no record of the Atlantis sim on Snapzilla after that point.

Do we really want Lauk’s Nest to be nothing more than a collection of snapshots?

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures. Atlantis is still around. 😉 Its just closed off to the public. I will send the sim owner this link 🙂

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