Princess Ivory on Oyster Bay, Second Arts party

Go check out Princess Ivory’s blog, where she offers up some fine SL photography (of Gracie Kendal and Sasun Steinbeck’s Oyster Bay sculptures) and a recap of last night’s “Reintroduction” to Second Arts Photography.

Thank you for the kind words, Princess!

Surrealism meets realism

My Multicolor Twist in the midst of AM Radio’s wheatfield.  What a fun evening!

rl is where I pretend to be normal. SL is where I don’t have to.

So says AM Radio, SL artist/builder extraordinaire…

Breaking down the alternate SL viewers

Metaversed does a pretty good job.

Me?  I’m running the SL Release Candidate with Nicholaz’s latest Bleeding Edge build.  Best darned SL experience I’ve had in MONTHS.

TONIGHT: Reintroducing Second Arts Photography!

Don’t forget – 6:30-7:30 PM SLT tonight!  Meet Jazz Calhern, Ty Ebisu, Calligypian Christensen and Isodle Flamand — and discover their incredible new exhibits!

It’s the same building, but EVERYTHING inside is new!  Should be a great time.

BRAND NEW: “Marilyn Monroe” by Charlot Dickins

On display at the Oyster Bay waterfront – another masterpiece from the reigning leader of sculptie-aligned art…only 35 prims, and with such detail!

Come check it out!

Reintroducing Second Arts Photography

Live from 6:30-7:30PM Wednesday! Same building, new photography from multifaceted Jazz Calhern and Isolde Flamand, 20 new landscapes from Ty Ebisu and introducing a totally new marine collection from new Second Arts photographer and SL favorite Callipygian Christensen. We invite you to join us and share in the art of the SL photographic lens!