SAVE LAUK’S NEST: Celebrating a jewel of Second Life

Save Lauk’s Nest

The drive to save Lauk’s Nest from doom as a result of the sudden European Value Added Tax policy imposed by Linden Lab continues in the best way that the Second Life art community knows how – with an awareness-building art show and music event!

Come join us on Saturday, 6 October at Lauk’s Nest in Second Life’s Alviso sim for an afternoon (evening, if you’re in Europe) of joyous activism as we try to rally resident support for this wonderful place in Second Life.

Artists – visual and musical – will be added throughout the course of the week, so check back in for an updated list of event.


  • Alizarin Goldflake
  • Taxus Gustafson
  • Xenophile Neurocam
  • Yarosh Nohkan
  • Cyanide Seelowe
  • Sabine Stonebender
  • Gore Suntzu
  • Sunn Thunders
  • elros Tuominen
  • Morris Vig
  • Breeze Winnfield
  • Ub Yifu
  • More to come!


  • 11:00-11:30 AM SLT – Andreus Gustafson
  • 11:3 AM0-Noon SLT – MoShang Zhao
  • Noon-2PM SLT – DJ Doubledown Tandino

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Incredible response to Linden-VAT/Lauk’s Nest post

As I type, yesterday’s post “Linden’s VAT bombshell hits the SL art world” has had 300 page views. That is BY FAR the biggest reader response to any post since the Second Arts blog was created.

Response has gone further than just reading, though, as the comments following the entry are not only strong in number but also in quality. The insights that the post generated offer some notions on how to preserve Lauk’s Nest – also offering insights on how Linden Lab handled the public notification of their new policy on the European Union’s Value Added Tax. Let’s review and see what the Second Arts community of readers had to say:

Nils Ophelia more or less suggests playing the hand that we are dealt:

There is no VAT on transactions between avatars. The future is i think that americans can own the land and we europeans then can rent it. Thats what we do now we are selling all land we have in SL. For us its going to be much cheaper to just rent the land we need for our different projects.

Duckling Kwak suggests that we petition Linden Lab to step up and assume ownership of Lauk’s Nest:

LL could take over the land, putting action into Rosedale’s words – a perfectly consistent thing to do from a business point of view. It costs them “nothing” to do this (technically, there is a cost, but it is infinitesimally small compared to all other land-related LL costs, a rounding error in their financials).

LL has an opportunity to silence this entire blog AND generate some good will amongst the population that cares about this AND demonstrate consistency in its public statements. Even if it only pleases five people, those five people will no longer badmouth SL or go to the newspapers or “make waves.”

I would suggest that a petition be started asking LL to take action. Author the petition underscoring that Rosedale himself believes that Lauk’s Nest should be preserved and tie that dot with the fallout of the VAT announcement. If LL do nothing, well, that’s another loud message to which we ought to pay attention. Continue reading