Who will save Lauk’s Nest?

Perhaps my reflections on the history of my friendship with Lukas Mensing and my displeasure with Linden Lab’s handling of the European Value Added Tax notification got in the way of my message. So let’s be clear.

I’m deeply concerned that Lauk’s Nest will be lost. Forever.

Lauk’s Nest is a jewel among Second Life builds. Its historical value alone, let alone its inspirational value for today’s SL builders, makes its preservation an issue of importance to the Metaverse.

Someone, anyone….if you have the means and the desire to preserve a treasure of Second Life, please IM Lukas Mensing.

We can’t let Lauk’s Nest go away like so many other great builds.

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  1. Actually, Linden Lab can help saving Lauks Nest. There is a program, obviously hidden -impossible to find information about it on their website – for non commercial cultural places on SL. Lauks Nest is a non commercial place, we have been using it to show art, without selling it during events. Many great artists exhibited their work there, and many others are awaiting to exhibit their art. It is also used as a event and meeting place for the soelse non commercial group, working as inter-cultural communication interface. There is a shop belonging to Laukosargas Svarig on Lauks Nest, but it is not rented, just a memory of the past and a possibility for many visitor to buy Laukosargas trees or bees and birds…I never got a cent of it or any business on Lauks, and received many offers to rent it for meetings, weddings or conferences, and I answered always the same way: “You are welcome to meet here, organize your event or conference. You will never have to pay a Linden for it”…I will apply for this program and need support for that. this way lauks nest will remain and perdure and develop as a art place

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