Who will save Lauk’s Nest?

Perhaps my reflections on the history of my friendship with Lukas Mensing and my displeasure with Linden Lab’s handling of the European Value Added Tax notification got in the way of my message. So let’s be clear.

I’m deeply concerned that Lauk’s Nest will be lost. Forever.

Lauk’s Nest is a jewel among Second Life builds. Its historical value alone, let alone its inspirational value for today’s SL builders, makes its preservation an issue of importance to the Metaverse.

Someone, anyone….if you have the means and the desire to preserve a treasure of Second Life, please IM Lukas Mensing.

We can’t let Lauk’s Nest go away like so many other great builds.

10,000 page views

Quietly, this blog recorded its 10,000th page view yesterday.  Ten thousand.  Wow!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by to see what’s happening in the Second Life arts scene…and keep coming back!

Linden’s VAT bombshell hits the SL art world

Linden Lab’s European customers received an email in the last couple days telling them that their Second Life bills were going to be surcharged with the European Value Added Tax (VAT). No advance notice. No time to adapt/adjust.

Sadly, this sudden move hit the SL art world hard. But to tell you that story, I have to tell you another.

You see, there’s this place, Lauk’s Nest, that was created by one of SL’s visionaries, Laukosargas Svarog. Lauk’s Nest was Svarog’s effort to create an entire environment – an ecosystem – on an island in the Alviso sim. Unique vegetation, animal life….everything. All from Svarog’s vision.

Lauk’s Nest is a pretty popular place – even Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale liked it enough to show it off in his Rolling Stone interview:

Rosedale teleports to his favorite spot in-world. It’s an artificially intelligent island designed, he tells me, by a computer genius. There are birds. Weird animals. Vegetation growing on stems. This is what he always imagined Second Life would be.

“I’d like to see it get to a point where it’s all irreversible,” he says…

But like most of the great SL building minds, Svarog chose to move along. SL isn’t irreversable, and keeping any build – even one on the scale of Lauk’s Nest – around after the building stops gets…well…kinda boring. So Svarog put Lauk’s Nest on the market.

Enter Lukas Mensing.

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Buy an AM Radio wheatfield, help feed the hungry

AM Radio’s wheatfield build has grabbed a lot of deserved attention in SL art circles, and rightfully so!   If you haven’t seen his place, check this image out:

Just incredible work – immersive art at its finest.   Not surprisingly, the attention has built up some demand from the art collecting community; there just aren’t builds like this all over the grid.  In fact, I’ve never had an SL experience like this.

Thing is, AM Radio doesn’t really want the money.  So he took his simple wheatfield concept and chose a noble purpose – feeding the hungry through Heifer International:

There are 4 20x20m configurations – 1 plain, 1 with a rusted out 1932 Ford, 1 with a couple Shaker-style chairs and one with his popular train.  And ALL proceeds from this go to Heifer International.  I’ve never heard of this group, but its forward-thinking approach toward poverty and the environment is quite impressive – and they’re making this work all over the world (the REAL world…that RL thing).

Being a sucker for great art, I grabbed my field of wheat – the one with the 1932 Ford.  And I put it out on the Shepherd sim side of Oyster Bay:

What a treat.  I know I’m not shy about telling people to buy great works of SL art…but this one is truly special.  Not just because it’s great art, but also to support the power of the arts to do good in our real world.  Kudos to AM Radio for his good works!

Teleport over to his place!