“Reintroducing Second Arts Photography” recap

Honest, the best recap I’ve seen is at Isolde Flamand’s blog. She was the host of the event, which featured Jazz Calhern, Callipygian Christensen and Ty Ebisu. Over 60 people were in attendance over the course of the hour!

Of course, tons of photos were taken. Here are a few…starting with one by Daedalus Young:

Click on the thumbnails after the fold to see the full-size photos below, from Isolde Flamand, Jazz Calhern, Ty Ebiso and Seraphina Writer.

The photos tell the story…quite an evening!

One Response

  1. It was great. Very good photography, some look so un-SL, it’s amazing. Ty and I agreed we want WindLight back for landscapes, it makes them much more alive (not that they’re not good now, but the lighting always is so flat in SL).

    And Morris, if I may give you a tip, I found when posting images from Snapzilla, it features a built-in resizer. If you want to post an image at for example 256 pixels width, you can do so using the following url:

    http://www.sluniverse.com/pics/snap.aspx?p= [snap id here] .jpg&w= [width here]

    So for example, my own image at 400 pixels width woud be:


    The resizing will look better this way, and posts surely will load faster too 🙂

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