“Reintroducing Second Arts Photography” recap

Honest, the best recap I’ve seen is at Isolde Flamand’s blog. She was the host of the event, which featured Jazz Calhern, Callipygian Christensen and Ty Ebisu. Over 60 people were in attendance over the course of the hour!

Of course, tons of photos were taken. Here are a few…starting with one by Daedalus Young:

Click on the thumbnails after the fold to see the full-size photos below, from Isolde Flamand, Jazz Calhern, Ty Ebiso and Seraphina Writer.

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Princess Ivory on Oyster Bay, Second Arts party

Go check out Princess Ivory’s blog, where she offers up some fine SL photography (of Gracie Kendal and Sasun Steinbeck’s Oyster Bay sculptures) and a recap of last night’s “Reintroduction” to Second Arts Photography.

Thank you for the kind words, Princess!