Surrealism meets realism

My Multicolor Twist in the midst of AM Radio’s wheatfield.  What a fun evening!

rl is where I pretend to be normal. SL is where I don’t have to.

So says AM Radio, SL artist/builder extraordinaire…

Breaking down the alternate SL viewers

Metaversed does a pretty good job.

Me?  I’m running the SL Release Candidate with Nicholaz’s latest Bleeding Edge build.  Best darned SL experience I’ve had in MONTHS.

TONIGHT: Reintroducing Second Arts Photography!

Don’t forget – 6:30-7:30 PM SLT tonight!  Meet Jazz Calhern, Ty Ebisu, Calligypian Christensen and Isodle Flamand — and discover their incredible new exhibits!

It’s the same building, but EVERYTHING inside is new!  Should be a great time.