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I know, it’s not SL-related.  But the life of professor Randy Pausch deserves to be celebrated.

If only we all could walk toward the finish line with so much perspective.

The Dexter-watch begins…

Thanks to the generosity of Jordan Morgenrote (of SL jewelry fame, “Jordan*s”), we get to host Dexter Ihnen at Oyster Bay this week.Dexter Ihnen LIVE at Oyster Bay

Dexter is one of SL’s top live music performers – combining new material with incredible covers in a unique and accessible style all his own. This is from his website, and it’s not all bravado:. This piece refers to Dexter as a RL live performer in Australia, but the sentiment carries over to SL:

There’s a lot of hacks going around with an acoustic guitar and a few chords who call themselves a solo act . But Dexter is something different , something special . For a start the guy really knows his instrument. Somehow he manages to pluck, pop, and slap percussive sounds, basslines and shifting chordal patterns out of the one solitary acoustic guitar.

It’s really quite amazing to watch. And all the time he`s singing these great smooth melodies over the top. Dexter is a one-of-a-kind-. Indeed, he has that elusive element to his music, it’s called soul. As his rich warm tenor sifts through the moving bodies of the crowd, feet tap unconsciously, and fingers drum the faded table tops. Soul seeps through the jazz-inflected rhythms, the upbeat funk and then bleeds gently from the quieter, more introspective numbers. I have watched people close their eyes and get lost in the sweetness of what Dexter does, arpeggios tinkling over them like gold coins from a purse. Others stare transfixed at the skillful blur of his hands over the guitar. It is no wonder Dexter has received international acclaim for his virtuosity both as a solo artist and as a songwriter of rare depth.

For many of the reasons stated on Dexter’s site, Oyster Bay tends to shy away from the “guys with guitars.” There are just so many out there, and so many venues that play that music genre. At the same time, there are a handful that we’ve hosted over the past year who are clearly a cut above. Komuso Tokugawa. Smily Raymaker (ok, a girl with a guitar). Spaceman Opus. TallGuyKidd.

And Dexter Ihnen clearly is in that mix. I’m genuinely excited to see him perform under the lights of the Oyster Bay stage.

Arrive early! The sim will be full…

Sunrise at Oyster Bay

Courtesy of Isolde Flamand:

Oyster Bay: Krystal World Pick of the Day

Enniv Zarf of the prolific Krystal Epic group of Second Life arts-related inworld ventures and websites was not only kind enough to make Oyster Bay the Krystal World Pick of the Day, but he also took a great snapshot of the place!

Krystal World Pick of the Day - Oyster Bay - September 22, 2007

Thanks, Enniv!