Starax: No longer hidden

Hidden Starax posterYeah, Starax Statosky returned to Second Life as Light Waves.

Read more about it at Bettina Tizzy’s Not Possible in Real Life blog.

Not that it’s important, but I knew further back than our original Light Waves “ALIENS!” waterfront exhibit in February 2007 – the precursor to today’s popular “Greenies” sim and a darned fun time in the history of Oyster Bay, one deserving of a flashback photo:

Regardless of who the artist’s name is, the work speaks for itself.  Starax/Light Waves makes magic happen with prims.

It’s nice not to have to keep the secret any longer!

3 Responses

  1. Great news! I actually filed some free greenies by Light Waves in my Starax art folder in my inventory when I first encountered them, because I was certain they were Starax works!

    So when will Oyster Bay do a new show of all of the work by Light Waves?! And will he sell any of it? His profile says he has no store. Perhaps he will sell limited edition copies through Oyster Bay?

    Thanks for letting us know about this, and about Bettina’s post. It was very informative to me, a relative newbie, as I didn’t come to SL until after Starax had already left. I have visited every sculpture I can fine in SL and they are breathtaking. There is a thread in the forum about locations that we were creating, but it is already out of date. Hmmmm. We need an upated list, posted somewhere public (like Oyster Bay?) :). Who’s got good connections with the collectors?!

  2. hurrah to Bettina. Her notice and LM made my day. Watch out Morris, i might have to change my default browser from SecondArts to npril.blogspot!!!!!

  3. There’s no competition, Finny…there’s plenty of room for coverage of the SL arts scene, in my opinion.

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