Starax: No longer hidden

Hidden Starax posterYeah, Starax Statosky returned to Second Life as Light Waves.

Read more about it at Bettina Tizzy’s Not Possible in Real Life blog.

Not that it’s important, but I knew further back than our original Light Waves “ALIENS!” waterfront exhibit in February 2007 – the precursor to today’s popular “Greenies” sim and a darned fun time in the history of Oyster Bay, one deserving of a flashback photo:

Regardless of who the artist’s name is, the work speaks for itself.  Starax/Light Waves makes magic happen with prims.

It’s nice not to have to keep the secret any longer!

New pieces, artist at Oyster Bay

A few new pieces to tell you about at Oyster Bay – all of which are more than worth checking out…

First off, Cheen Pitney offers us BZZZZZD – a wonderful abstract version of the classic hummingbird. I hope his texture work comes through on this photo…it’s a creative way of designing the wings and head of the bird. Oh – the body is a cool rotating texture as well.

Breeze Winnfield offers us indecision! – a nifty kinetic piece bringing light, movement and pulsating, changing colors together for a real crowd-pleaser. Breeze tells me that this is quite the popular piece. A single snapshot doesn’t do it justice, but here’s my best try:

Lastly, our newest artisan at Oyster Bay – Alizarin Goldflake. Her “dynamic art” style is beautiful from afar, or entrancing when you come within! We’ve got a couple pieces, Red & Black Stormclouds and Frosted Spruce Lace 1.2, for your viewing pleasure.

Great pieces, all!  Come check them out!