Great SL sculpture at Burning Life

I finally put everything aside in RL and SL and went out looking for great sculpture art.  I had, of course, heard of the controversy over Cheen Pitney’s sculpture – so I figured it would be a place to at least see what the fuss was all about.  I did that, but I also found some terrific SL sculpture art!

Let’s start by looking at Cheen’s work.  Here’s the piece that everyone’s talking about, “Water is Life”:

It’s a really strong piece – Cheen’s got the human form down well.  I also found another Cheen piece among the million-odd sims that make up Burning Life…the VERY tall “Sometimes I Get Lost.”  I really like this piece – the interior elements grab the light very well!

I’ll run through the considerable number of nifty SL sculpture works that I encountered after the fold….

Most (all?) of the artists whose works I’m showing I know nothing of.  That’s the joy of Second Life – all of this new talent infusing itself into the world.  Some terrific, terrific works – starting with Sidney Smalls’ shiny, light-catching “Coccoon”:

Jamma Newt’s “Iteration the First” is a sharp kinetic piece, also grabbing light well:

Jon Haskell offers “Radiation Man,” which I swear has to have sculpties in it to get so seamless:

Poid Mahovich offers “Flowers 1-3”:

clearr Yifu took a somewhat simple “Huge Light Sculpture” and created a grid of light through massive replication:

Not forgetting Oyster Bay’s aquatic roots, I was excited to see didier Dragonfly’s “Octavious L’Octopus”:

Some photos don’t do the sculptures justice.  That’s especially true when looking at pieces that have rotating textures like this untitled work by Jeffrey Gomez:

Mojo Mathys’ “SL Wind Socks” are available for L$0 – and have a lot of fun to see twist in the wind:

Wachya Hird’s “stirrin’ the puddin'” is a really unique work, with some of the pieces slowly moving like chopsticks:

Perhaps my favorite piece that I stumbled across was Damianos Thetan’s “Organic Tech – Future?”…wow.  Just incredible.

Jenene Lemaire constructed oversized “Blue Daisies”:

Unlike most of these ad hoc structures, Faith Maxwell used her space to show off her sculptures (and wall art) in a more traditional style:

I really liked her work, so I took photos of a few of her works.  “Branches of Life” is meant to sit on a wall.  I love the simplicity of repetition in the pieces:

“Twilight” was a visual feast, with the swirling pieces glistening in the desert light:

Here’s another view – looking upward from the ground:

Moving along…Tooter Claxton came up with oversized “Fire Extinguishers”:

Winter Lunasea offered “Rainbow Vortex,” another kinetic piece:

My tour was cut short by some needs back at Oyster Bay, but Good2 Go (GREAT avi name!) had this untitled piece that grabbed my eye:

All told, this was a great visit.  Sure, many of the Burning Life builds aren’t the best or clearly temporary.  Some, however, are outstanding examples of SL sculpture art.

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