Anakin Gallacher concert recap

Anakin played to a large Oyster Bay audience last night, and his masterful saxophone grabbed the audience from the outset.

More after the fold…. The crowd got into it, too!

Anakin played a wide variety of songs – ranging in style from jazz to blues to standards.

Oyster Bay artisan/storeowner Gracie Kendal joined in the fun!

Anakin put the sax aside for a couple songs – with him playing the flute (MORE than capably)!  I kept getting instant message notes throughout the show saying things like, “Wow!  This guy is GOOD!”

The Oyster Bay management team enjoyed the evening as well!  I also realized what a sax afficionado Isolde Flamand is…oh, by the way, she took a number of photos in this recap…

Here’s a fun shot from the show to wrap up this recap – check out where this guy chose to sit to watch the show! (Further proving Vig’s Theory of SL Sculpture Coolness!)

It was great to have Anakin back at Oyster Bay!  What an enjoyable evening.

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