elros Tuominen interview on YouTube

Magellan Egoyan offers his latest video interview, this one of Oyster Bay artisan elros Tuominen. Check out Magellan’s insights on the interview here.

If you haven’t seen them, Magellan also did video interviews with Oyster Bayers Rezago Kokorin and Cheen Pitney.

Anakin Gallacher concert recap

Anakin played to a large Oyster Bay audience last night, and his masterful saxophone grabbed the audience from the outset.

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Great SL sculpture at Burning Life

I finally put everything aside in RL and SL and went out looking for great sculpture art.  I had, of course, heard of the controversy over Cheen Pitney’s sculpture – so I figured it would be a place to at least see what the fuss was all about.  I did that, but I also found some terrific SL sculpture art!

Let’s start by looking at Cheen’s work.  Here’s the piece that everyone’s talking about, “Water is Life”:

It’s a really strong piece – Cheen’s got the human form down well.  I also found another Cheen piece among the million-odd sims that make up Burning Life…the VERY tall “Sometimes I Get Lost.”  I really like this piece – the interior elements grab the light very well!

I’ll run through the considerable number of nifty SL sculpture works that I encountered after the fold….

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