What does a griefer attack LOOK like?

Yeah, Oyster Bay got hit because a property (not Oyster Bay’s!) in the Shepherd sim left its rezzing privileges wide open. As a result, some griefer blessed us with this “goodness.” Because we’re the artistic types, here’s the same attack in night view (courtesy of photojournalist Isolde Flamand):

I was fortunate to reach the Linden Lab concierge service before the concierge website crashed. It appears that this was a (tasteless) gridwide 9/11 “attack.”

Let’s hope that Linden Lab gets a handle on this problem soon – those of us who pay our bills to LL and take appropriate measures to protect our property should not have to be subject to this abuse.

[UPDATE: Hats off to the owner of the adjoining property where the griefers were plying their trade.  Upon learning of what was happening (he’s selling his property), he returned and “locked down” his property.  Best thing he could’ve done.  Thanks!]

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  1. Yeah, I hate that particle spam! SL’s particle beacons are way too small to easily find out where the mess is coming from, you should be able to just select individual particles, my opinion.

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