Stormy Roentgen’s “Electrified”

I really like this photo…has a certain Central Park feel to it with the trees in the foreground and the skyscrapers in the background.

(So noone’s confused, this wasn’t taken at Oyster Bay…)

TONIGHT: Anakin Gallacher plays Oyster Bay!

Anakin Gallagher bannerI’m really excited to see Anakin Gallacher come back to Oyster Bay! It’s been a long time – the last time he was here, it was in the old waterfront cafe.

Here’s some info on our GREAT performer tonight at 6PM:


Anakin Gallacher Bio Card 1-0

Style of music:

Anakin plays Saxophone and Woodwinds in a Jazz Combo setting with Improvising. You can find him playing everything from Standards, to Contemporary and Progressive Jazz and Blues. Still new to SL and streaming, stay tuned for new developements and additions to the shows!

For more about Anakin, read on!

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About Anakin Gallacher/Nick McBride:
Saxophone/Music has been a large part of my life for the past 15+ years. I am happy to share what I have experienced and learned from other musicians here on SL. Graduate of UCLA in Music with both Saxophone Performance and Jazz Studies Emphesii…
F/T RL Teacher and Musician 🙂


Should be a great show!

Anakin Gallacher

Ty Ebisu: New SL photo exhibit at Second Arts

God bless RL – I look away to tend to things earthly for a little while and find that an entire new exhibit opened up at Oyster Bay!

SL photographer Ty Ebisu replaced his entire collection at the Second Arts Photography gallery with 20 new pieces – each a unique and beautiful landscape or environmental photo. A unique point to Ty’s work is that he does NO touchup to the photos that he takes – meaning that he is meticulous in setting his scene and getting the lighting correct.

Isolde Flamand – quickly becoming the official photographer of Oyster Bay (a title she should share with Daedalus Young) – took these photos of Ty’s exhibit. But really, you need to stop by and look at them up close. This is some impressive work!

What does a griefer attack LOOK like?

Yeah, Oyster Bay got hit because a property (not Oyster Bay’s!) in the Shepherd sim left its rezzing privileges wide open. As a result, some griefer blessed us with this “goodness.” Because we’re the artistic types, here’s the same attack in night view (courtesy of photojournalist Isolde Flamand):

I was fortunate to reach the Linden Lab concierge service before the concierge website crashed. It appears that this was a (tasteless) gridwide 9/11 “attack.”

Let’s hope that Linden Lab gets a handle on this problem soon – those of us who pay our bills to LL and take appropriate measures to protect our property should not have to be subject to this abuse.

[UPDATE: Hats off to the owner of the adjoining property where the griefers were plying their trade.  Upon learning of what was happening (he’s selling his property), he returned and “locked down” his property.  Best thing he could’ve done.  Thanks!]