From Tayzia Abbatoir: Reflections on Hidden Starax!

Tayzia Abattoir and Morris Vig, photo by Isolde Flamand

As we enter the closing weekend, I asked Tayzia Abattoir, owner of the Crescent Moon Museum, to share her thoughts on the Hidden Starax! showcase of the work of Starax Statosky. Here are her words, unedited:

I was delighted when you first approached me about collaborating on the “Hidden Starax” exhibit at Oyster Bay. You have shown many amazing exhibits and featured many artists, helping to bring out the creativity that can be found within SL.

Starax was one of the most talented builders in Second Life, and to have this extensive collection and to be able to exhibit his work is an honor. It was my pleasure to provide them and collaborate with Oyster Bay to help bring his amazing work out for everyone to enjoy. With the large amount of prims in most of his pieces, they have to be shown in rotating exhibits.

This exhibit was the perfect opportunity for extra exposure of his work, and to have them viewed by an even wider audience. Everyone should have the opportunity to feast their eyes upon his exquisite craftsmanship. I hope that everyone enjoyed the exhibit and played with light and camera angles to see these pieces in all their uniqueness, and observed the quality of craftsmanship that went into each piece. You can find his sculptures in the rotating exhibit at the Crescent Moon Museum. Watch for more collaboration between Tayzia Abattoir and Morris Vig in the near future!