Who’s the Best?

The Who’s Who of Second Life Art:
Who are the most prominent artists (Any genre – Performance or Creation)?
Who are the top patrons of the art world?
Which gallery/theatre/concert hall owners have been most prominent in the world of Art?

You tell us who you think are the influential avatars in the world of Fine Art, Performing Art, Visual Art, Music, Literature & other art mediums inside Second Life.

That’s what Enniv Zarf is trying to uncover. At his Krystal Epic site, he’s looking for nominations for the “2007 Best of SL Art.” The current nomination list has some great names posted…most of whom would be great standard bearers for the SL art scene.

Personally, I aspire for second place. (Hee hee) But any program designed to build awareness of excellence in this dynamic SL subculture is A-OK in my book.