HIDDEN STARAX!’s Aquatic Finale

What better way to close out the Hidden Starax! show at Oyster Bay than with Starax Statosky’s aquatic creatures?

This collaboration between the Crescent Moon Museum and Oyster Bay winds up with an exploration of Starax’s marine life. On the featured platform is a massive aquarium with Starax’s aquarium-grade fish (see above – and thanks to Daedalus Young for the photo). All of these fish are available in copy/mod/transfer format for free through the small aquarium vendors on the platform.

In addition, visitors can teleport to another part of the Oyster sim – a special viewing pier for Starax’s shark and whale! The whale is easily viewed from the pier (that’s Daedalus’s “tail snapshot”):

The shark, on the other hand, is under the water and viewable via a ramp down to an underwater viewing platform (complete with deck chairs!). I did the platform photo, and Daedalus took the nicer one:

Click after the fold to see the “bonus” marine life, as well as the Shepherd sim free-to-copy offering!

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