Whither the sculpture snapshots?

It’s a lazy Labor Day (USA) morning, and I’m looking forward to either a) a day at the RL beach with family or b) a day building the HIDDEN STARAX! finale. But I haven’t started either, so I thought it would be fun to survey the SL sculpture landscape via the fantastic Snapzilla service, which serves as a free repository for SL resident snapshots. (For more info, here are the links to “What is Snapzilla” and “Register for Snapzilla“)

So I went to Snapzilla and searched for snaps with the word “art” in them. Over 9,000 snapshots filtered through, because it’s not just “art” but any word with the three letter combination of a-r-t in it. Lots of pics with no art in them. So I needed to be more choosy, trying a search with the term “sculpture”.

Outside of Oyster Bay snapshots, I found next to nothing. (And those 2 or 3 pieces were not the best representations of SL art, in my humble opinion….)

Now, I know that there are some incredible SL sculpture art pieces out there. And there are talented photographers who can take photos of sculptures and, in the process, use light, perspective and setting to create fascinating moods and impressions.

So here’s my challenge: Register for Snapzilla. Take GREAT snapshots of GREAT SL sculpture works. Make sure you use the word “sculpture” somewhere in the “text” of the snapshot’s email. I’ll search Snapzilla on occasion and, if your snapshot stands out, I’ll post them on Second Arts. All in fun – and promoting a greater appreciation for Second Life sculpture arts.

At a loss for where to start? Then consider this example of the artistic potential of SL photography and SL sculpture/immersive art, taken by Bettina Tizzy at a Juria Yoshikawa installation:

You folks can do it. There’s a whole Metaverse at your disposal!