HIDDEN STARAX!: David and Goliath, Kong!

As part of the inworld component of the Second Life Community Convention, Crescent Moon Museum owner Tayzia Abbatoir asked that Oyster Bay show some of Starax Statosky’s finest works during this period.  So we held out until now, bringing you two hallmark pieces, David and Goliath and Kong.

David and Goliath’s texturing makes photo renditions a little tough (and personal visits inworld to these masterpieces are always suggested), but I think these snapshots help offer a sense of this 328-prim construction:

Here’s Daedalus Young’s treatment of the piece:

And for some reason, the Vig Theory correlating the “coolness” of an SL sculpture to its ability to be sat upon really shines through with David and Goliath.  Check out those photos, as well as the Kong shots, after the fold:

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MoShang on his music and Oyster Bay

I asked MoShang Zhao to offer up some comments about his music and the experience of playing at Oyster Bay in anticipation of Thursday night’s show.  Here’s what he had to say (edited to remove the third person reference):

I am a sound jeweler living in Taiwan.  I collect rough audio diamonds from the streets of Taiwan (be they overheard conversations, street-ads blared from the ubiquitous blue-trucks, street processions or funeral chants) and fuse them with traditional Chinese instruments and laid-back beats to create a unique blend of downtempo electronica that I like to call Chinese Chill.

With Oyster Bay, Morris Vig has created an environment that is incredibly supportive of the creative arts in SL. I love performing at Oyster Bay for the oppurtunity to be surrounded by the creativity of others, as well as to perform to an audience that appreciates the arts as much as Morris does.

Can’t wait for the show!

Daedalus on this week’s HIDDEN STARAX!

Daedalus Young offers his view of this week’s HIDDEN STARAX! pieces. I love his unique perspectives. First, Drowned:

And now, the rideable Pegasus. This may be my favorite shot of his from the whole show. There’s such a sense of fun and adventure in this photo:

HIDDEN STARAX! has been such a treat. Everyone seems to take in the show at a different level. Some enjoy filling up their inventories with the freebies, some come for the rare pieces….and some, like Daedalus, use the ever-changing nature of the show to stretch their SL photography skills. Whatever your reason, enjoy the experience!

A little thank you

This is “Gratitude” – My little way of saying thank you to Second Life residents (the Oyster Bay community especially) for your support and kindness as Oyster Bay fixed itself up after a major technical snafu closed the venue for 4 days.

Note the flowing texture reesmbling flame and destruction taking an abstract shape resembling a heart.  It’s simple, but it’s heartfelt…no pun intended!
Please come grab a copy for yourself – on sale at the Oyster Bay pier for L$0!

Back in the groove with MoShang

MoShang Zhao - 23 August 2007 at Oyster BayI’m really excited to announce that, following his fantastic performance in the canyon at Red Rock Mesa, MoShang Zhao is going to give Oyster Bay another shot this week. He’s going to play on Thursday night at 6PM SLT. His sound is totally cool and wonderfully unique. With his wonderful wind instrument and the silky smooth beats, MoShang’s sound really is dance music for grown-ups. Come join us!

While I have MoShang on my mind, I have to take advantage of Doubledown Tandino’s reminder to tell every reader to download a free (subject to the Creative Commons license) copy of his new CD, “Asian Variations.” I’ve had it in my car for the last week and just love it. Personal fave tunes: “Hope Is Here (Freedom Mix)” and MoShang’s collaboration with Doubledown, “Cruisin’ Round Second Life (Do Re Me Mix).” Highly, highly recommended.

But see MoShang live at Oyster Bay! Join us on Thursday!

HIDDEN STARAX!: Drowned, Pegasus …. and a little something extra

Back after the technical hiccup (read: disaster) of last week, here’s this week’s offering of the collaborative effort of the Crescent Moon Museum and Oyster Bay:

On the big platform, it’s the classic “Drowned” – all 460 prims of it:

For the free-to-copy piece, check out this rideable “Pegasus”:

For a little extra something to spice up the post-disaster exhibit, check out this tribute work by ahkenatan Grommet, on display around the corner from the “Pegasus.” It’s a piece showing Starax Statosky playing with his legendary magical wand:


We’re back

We’re back!Oyster Bay is once again open for business.

Stop by and enjoy the creativity!

(Thanks to Jordan Morgenrote for the great graphic, as well as the accompanying “Thank you” graphic.  You can find both on flags hanging all over Oyster Bay.)