Cypress Rosewood’s Oyster Bay show

Cypress Rosewood filled the sim at Oyster Bay for an hour-plus of his ambient “space music”. What an impressive show – and showing by both Oyster Bay regulars and Cypress Rosewood’s considerable number of fans!

Isolde Flamand, Daedalus Young and I took a number of snapshots of the show. Here’s an Isolde photo of the stage, one that sets the scene nicely:

As you can see, Cypress took the Oyster Bay stage and made it his own – even with the purple fog-like particle emitter!

Click on these thumbnails for larger snaps from the three of us:

Daedalus, per usual, took advantage of the opportunity to take some very creative shots as Cypress went from flute to guitar to organ to everything in-between as he built layer upon layer of the ethereal mood:

And a couple more snaps after the fold…

Isolde took this snap of the two of us from the show – she did all of the work in making this show happen, really bailing me out as I focussed on the Culturebeats show the two days prior:

Cypress wrapped up the show with a bit of a twist – a heartfelt a capella version of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Perhaps Daedalus was inspired by the song to grab this shot of Zulqadi Saarinen’s Love in the foreground, the stage in the background:

A very nice show, enjoyed by a capacity crowd!

One Response

  1. Funny enough, during the show I kept an eye on Snapzilla for your and Isolde’s pics, when I noticed the one of you two, where I spotted the Love sculpture in the back. It’s actually one of my fav sculptures, so I cammed over and took that photo, which was still well before Cypress sang Imagine.
    So that gives a good impression of the show, this is what it felt like. Cypress did a great job bringing that feeling to us.

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