August DeepSexyCool CultureBeats recap

What a fun evening….SL’s best DJ in Doubledown Tandino and 3 fantastic Oyster Bay artists in Cheen Pitney, Jazz Calhern and Finny Yates!  Thanks to the folks at Playboy for doing it right and supporting the arts in Second Life.  Here are a few snaps from the event, which was a collaboration by Doubledown’s Ravelong and Oyster Bay:

Doubledown deftly manning the beats, overlooked by Cheen’s Atlas

It was a REALLY good crowd throughout the evening:


Finny wore the unicorn avatar that she used in her avatar morph display:

Oyster Bay artisan/merchant Jordan Morgenrote of Jordan’s jewelry lived it up too!

A few more snaps after the fold…

Cheen’s works were all over the “bunny ears” in the sim:

And the crowd danced and danced!

But it’s not all about the partying – there was some great art on hand.  So great that even I was able to grab a pretty nifty snapshot of Cheen’s Winged Bull.  This might be one of my best art snaps ever – I love the red piece on the red-orange sky!

A real nice time – and thanks to Cheen, Finny and Jazz for contributing their works for the evening!

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