Do they even have the First Amendment in Canada?

Cheen Pitney’s gotten himself into the middle of a fascinating community dialogue about censorship in SL.  I don’t have time to write a lot, but here are a ton of links…

Cheen’s blog:

New World Notes:

Second Life Insider:

Your 2nd Place:

Phasing Grace:

Wrath Paine v. Second Life:

Sadly, I’ve been too busy to get over to see Cheen’s piece – but his intention was to highlight a concept about excessive use of water.  Of course, his idea got hijacked and turned into a free speech thing.  So be it.  In the wild west world of SL art, any publicity is good publicity.

Cypress Rosewood’s Oyster Bay show

Cypress Rosewood filled the sim at Oyster Bay for an hour-plus of his ambient “space music”. What an impressive show – and showing by both Oyster Bay regulars and Cypress Rosewood’s considerable number of fans!

Isolde Flamand, Daedalus Young and I took a number of snapshots of the show. Here’s an Isolde photo of the stage, one that sets the scene nicely:

As you can see, Cypress took the Oyster Bay stage and made it his own – even with the purple fog-like particle emitter!

Click on these thumbnails for larger snaps from the three of us:

Daedalus, per usual, took advantage of the opportunity to take some very creative shots as Cypress went from flute to guitar to organ to everything in-between as he built layer upon layer of the ethereal mood:

And a couple more snaps after the fold…

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August DeepSexyCool CultureBeats recap

What a fun evening….SL’s best DJ in Doubledown Tandino and 3 fantastic Oyster Bay artists in Cheen Pitney, Jazz Calhern and Finny Yates!  Thanks to the folks at Playboy for doing it right and supporting the arts in Second Life.  Here are a few snaps from the event, which was a collaboration by Doubledown’s Ravelong and Oyster Bay:

Doubledown deftly manning the beats, overlooked by Cheen’s Atlas

It was a REALLY good crowd throughout the evening:


Finny wore the unicorn avatar that she used in her avatar morph display:

Oyster Bay artisan/merchant Jordan Morgenrote of Jordan’s jewelry lived it up too!

A few more snaps after the fold…

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HIDDEN STARAX!: 6 pieces held over…

My real life circumstances have changed somewhat in the last three weeks, and this week featured three straight evenings of performance-related issues (Monday and Tuesday at the Playboy sim for Culturebeats, Wednesday at our Cypress Rosewood show) – so I literally have had no time to swap Hidden Starax! pieces like I should have last night. I just learned that I’ll be leaving town tomorrow night for the weekend in a celebration of the opening of the American college football season, so it’ll likely be Sunday night before I can get to the final display in the Hidden Starax! show.

Which is all for the best, as I didn’t even document the 6 pieces that made up this week’s exhibit. Let’s get to those…

First of the four eclectically-mixed pieces on the main sculpture platform is the Starax Statosky Elephant. It’s a reasonably simple piece for Starax, but he makes even the basic pieces look real good:

Marianne McCann takes a much better snapshot than I of this piece:

Next up, the Starax Unicorn. We featured his horse pieces toward the beginning of Hidden Starax!, and this is a nice bookend for the nearly two-month long show:

Marianne McCann uses the closeup to good effect:

Daedalus Young does it right, too, using the “midnight” lighting setting and extra light-prims for maximum effect…what incredible shininess! Are you sure Windlight hasn’t been released yet?

Check after the fold for another proof of Vig’s Theory of SL sculpture art…

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