Cypress Rosewood LIVE at Oyster Bay on Weds. night at 7PM SLT!

Cypress Rosewood

Talk  about fortunate….Oyster Bay is host to one of SL’s great musicians on Wednesday night!

CYPRESS ROSEWOOD in “real life” is TONY GERBER, a space music artist with over 20 recordings available and various music scores for documentary films, most recently the planetarium show, “Nine Planets and Counting.”  His group, Spacecraft has scored music for films including “Vanilla Sky” starring Tom Cruise. They have performed live concerts in planetariums around the United States.

Tony hosts a weekly radio show on Radio Free Nashville called “When Worlds Collide with Cypress Rosewood” which is simulcast in Second Life and features music and interviews with members of the Second Life arts and science community who discuss how the two worlds collide.

In Second Life CYPRESS has been a pioneer of live space and ambient music. He has performed over 40 concerts of his special brand of aural vibrations that can aid healing and relaxation. Cypress is also developing a Space Music Museum alongside working on many groundbreaking projects. He is also co-owner of the “Second Life Music” group and Harlem Cafe project.

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