MoShang Zhao recap: Party on the pier!

Isolde Flamand suggested that we try holding the MoShang Zhao show on the pier at Oyster Bay, and her sense was dead-on. What fun!

I rezzed a Madcow Cosmos dance platform, “Cancer’s Revenge” featuring a massive blue crab, for MoShang. Then I just moved a couple things around and we were good to go!

MoShang puts on such a great show. Lots of interacting with the crowd, fantastic beats and an “electronic wind instrument” that allows him to create just about any sound he wants!

Lots more after the fold…

Here are a couple photos from the show by Daedalus Young:

And Isolde Flamand’s shots:

That’s Oyster Bay artisan Sunn Thunders getting his groove on…

Lastly, one that I took – of SL blues god Komuso Tokugawa. I’m not sure I ever saw him dance at another musician’s show, so I had to grab this snap for posterity:

We then hung out for another half hour or so after the show as MoShang joined us on the pier – and we all danced to selections from his Asian Variations CD (available for FREE under the Creative Commons License). What a great evening!

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  1. MoShang + Oyster — what a fantastic combination!

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