Daedalus on this week’s HIDDEN STARAX!

Daedalus Young offers his view of this week’s HIDDEN STARAX! pieces. I love his unique perspectives. First, Drowned:

And now, the rideable Pegasus. This may be my favorite shot of his from the whole show. There’s such a sense of fun and adventure in this photo:

HIDDEN STARAX! has been such a treat. Everyone seems to take in the show at a different level. Some enjoy filling up their inventories with the freebies, some come for the rare pieces….and some, like Daedalus, use the ever-changing nature of the show to stretch their SL photography skills. Whatever your reason, enjoy the experience!

One Response

  1. W00t! A whole blogpost with my pics 😀 Thanks!
    Yes, I wanted to show the interaction with the sculpture in Pegasus. If you go to a museum, you can only look at the pieces. I’ve even seen music instruments and computers in a museum, hidden away in cabinets, behind glass.
    While the interaction can add so much more, just like the video game exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (see Torley’s blog). People can play the games, it is much more fun.
    Same is true for Pegasus, why only photograph it on display, while it’s made to be worn.

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