Back in the groove with MoShang

MoShang Zhao - 23 August 2007 at Oyster BayI’m really excited to announce that, following his fantastic performance in the canyon at Red Rock Mesa, MoShang Zhao is going to give Oyster Bay another shot this week. He’s going to play on Thursday night at 6PM SLT. His sound is totally cool and wonderfully unique. With his wonderful wind instrument and the silky smooth beats, MoShang’s sound really is dance music for grown-ups. Come join us!

While I have MoShang on my mind, I have to take advantage of Doubledown Tandino’s reminder to tell every reader to download a free (subject to the Creative Commons license) copy of his new CD, “Asian Variations.” I’ve had it in my car for the last week and just love it. Personal fave tunes: “Hope Is Here (Freedom Mix)” and MoShang’s collaboration with Doubledown, “Cruisin’ Round Second Life (Do Re Me Mix).” Highly, highly recommended.

But see MoShang live at Oyster Bay! Join us on Thursday!