Quick reconstruction update

For those who are interested…

I’m about 1/3-1/2 of the way through rezzing the Lost and Found “clusters” of objects.  It’s a slow process, rezzing on a sky platform to avoid accidental co-mingling of prims, linking pieces together and then lowering them into rough position.  Fine-tuning the placements will come after that

On the bright side, the Second Arts Photography building, perhaps the most intricate single structure to be returned to me, rezzed correctly and was returned to its proper location.  The teleporters need to be touched up, but that’s a simple process considering.

My early estimate was that Oyster Bay could be up after a weekend of work.  I’m still feeling good about that projection.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and well-wishes.  You really don’t know how many friends you have until something like this happens.