MoShang Zhao: Live at Red Rock Mesa!

Thanks to Boondoggle Gruppman for offering his wonderful, soaring Red Rock Mesa theater for tonight’s MoShang Zhao performance. It wasn’t a traditional Oyster Bay show, but boy was it good….and in a FANTASTIC venue!! MoShang’s Chinese Chill totally blended with Boondoggle’s soaring walls of the Red Rock canyon theater.

In addition to organizing this performance, Isolde Flamand grabbed a couple snapshots of the scene:

…and Daedalus Young took one as well – but why isn’t that guy in the foreground back at Oyster Bay, cleaning up the mess?

I’ll use this post as a plug for Boon’s place – Red Rock Mesa is a REALLY great place in SL. Here’s the classified text:

Come to Red Rock Mesa for a taste of the American Southwest. You will find many Native American Artists’ fine art, crafts in traditional and contemporary styles. If you are looking for the best in Southwestern decor, Red Rock has rustic and modern furniture, rugs, pottery and garden items.

Definitely worth the visit – there’s no other place in SL like it. Thanks again, Boon! It’s great to have friends like you, not to mention the countless others who have offered assistance in the reconstruction of Oyster Bay.


Some Second Arts readers and friends of Oyster Bay have suggested that I ask for a rollback of the properties to pre-deeding status.

As a concierge customer, I chatted briefly with Kyle Linden today.  He informed me that rollbacks are only available for private islands in SL, not mainland.  It might not look like it, but Oyster Bay IS mainland – both in the Oyster and Shepherd sims.

So it’s the tedious work of restoring the place, prim by prim.  Great idea, though – and definitely worth pursuing!