What happened at Oyster Bay?

At roughly 3PM SLT today, I attempted to deed ownership of my Second Life properties in Oyster and Shepherd to the Oyster Bay property management group.  This change will allow for greater flexibility in parcel management, including property controls like audio feed management and griefer banning authority.

This was a careful move, one done after gaining the insight of those who have managed their property in this way.  What I did not uncover in my research was the extent to which prims not directly assigned to this group would be returned to the owner.  This has affected some Oyster Bay store owners as well as me, the property manager.

Time constraints restrict my capacity to immediately fix this and return Oyster Bay to the condition that it was in earlier this afternoon.  Thus, I have chosen to temporarily close Oyster Bay pending a careful assessment of the damange and restoration of the property.  This is nearly a half-sim in land mass, so it will take some time.  I anticipate spending the majority of the weekend on this project.

Please let me put all rumors to rest: I am paid up on my tier and am well-positioned for the forseeable future.  While I’ll be the first to admit that I have some giant issues to deal with in rebuilding the place, money isn’t one of them.

Thanks to every member of the Oyster Bay community – artisans, storeowners and the all-important devotees – for your ongoing support and interest in this jewel of the Second Life cultural community.  We’ll be back.

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