New YouTube group: Second Life Art Video

Juria Yoshikawa set up a group on YouTube for SL artists and the videos they make inworld. Within 24 hours, there are already 10 videos and 13 members. Not bad! As part of that 10, I tagged Kronos Kirkorian’s “Spring 2007 @ Oyster Bay” to this group. You can watch it right here, too:

There are some other impressive videos here as well. Juria’s videos alone make this worth the look as his incredible installations only last for such short durations. Machinima of ALL of these artistic efforts, and blogs like Second Arts, add to the historical registry of this wonderful moment in the history of digital artwork.

One Response

  1. Morris, you should also note that there are two wonderful videos of Juria’s most recent (and now GONE!) installations, “BLINK” and “The Garden Electric” that were shot by Evo Szuyuan … these are the only record of those installations, beyond the random photographs and do a great job of extablishing the scale and scope of those works (an entire sim!).

    Just look for videos by “evolutie” …

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