Glimmers of hope

I’ve had a few hours to assess the damage and see how everything shook out in my Lost & Found (where the autoreturned items went). Long story short – it ain’t pretty. Most every sculpture platform, and about 50% of the boardwalks, were autoreturned. The Second Arts photography building is also gone, as is the Classic Design building (my furniture store).

On the bright side, it appears that nearly all of the aquarium is intact – which would be a bear to reassemble. (Not sure about all of the marine life…that could get tricky.) And the sculptures and most of the store contents are intact, speaking to the level of responsibility of Oyster Bay’s artisans and storeowners. The individual store pavilions also are intact. With some boardwalk, the sculptures and stores intact, I have a rough framework of the property…and that’s something to build upon.

Jordan Morgenrote’s newly-expanded jewelry store, Jordan’s, is fine.  As it’s on its own subdivided parcel, I’ve left that property open to the public.  Jordan’s hanging in there with me as I rebuild, but she’s surely going to miss some of the walk-up traffic that Oyster Bay is great for.  If you’re in the market for jewelry, show her some love…

In addition, I’ve learned that my Lost & Found did not receive individual objects or prims. Instead, SL returned objects in packages – as in, whole sections of Oyster Bay, pieces in proper distance relationship to each other. If this disaster had to take place, at least the small blessing of package returns occurred.

Most of these pieces within these packages are unlinked. That means that step one will be to carefully rez each Lost & Found package (probably on a sky platform so as not to mistake objects) and link together as many pieces as SL will allow. Then I’ll have to place each of these linked groups of objects in their general location. Once all the pieces of this vast, half-sim puzzle are positioned…then the placement will be fine-tuned.

To call this messy is an understatement. I told one well-wisher that my Lost & Found is a cesspool. That’s no joke. But the pieces of Oyster Bay exist…and they’re packaged in ways that will allow for a speedier recovery than otherwise thought.

Oh, one last thing: The Starax sculptures are safe. As best I know, nothing was entirely lost (read: deleted). It’s all in my Lost & Found. We’ll just likely have to stretch out the Hidden Starax! show to accommodate this hiccup.

Thanks to everyone for their warm thoughts and offers of assistance in rebuilding Oyster Bay. If I took everyone up on their individual offers, we’d have a batallion of artisans, tradesmen and culture lovers swarming the place! Support from friends in a time of crisis is so appreciated….thank you, all of you.

Oyster Bay will be back before you know it. Maybe we’ll have a party to celebrate…?

What happened at Oyster Bay?

At roughly 3PM SLT today, I attempted to deed ownership of my Second Life properties in Oyster and Shepherd to the Oyster Bay property management group.  This change will allow for greater flexibility in parcel management, including property controls like audio feed management and griefer banning authority.

This was a careful move, one done after gaining the insight of those who have managed their property in this way.  What I did not uncover in my research was the extent to which prims not directly assigned to this group would be returned to the owner.  This has affected some Oyster Bay store owners as well as me, the property manager.

Time constraints restrict my capacity to immediately fix this and return Oyster Bay to the condition that it was in earlier this afternoon.  Thus, I have chosen to temporarily close Oyster Bay pending a careful assessment of the damange and restoration of the property.  This is nearly a half-sim in land mass, so it will take some time.  I anticipate spending the majority of the weekend on this project.

Please let me put all rumors to rest: I am paid up on my tier and am well-positioned for the forseeable future.  While I’ll be the first to admit that I have some giant issues to deal with in rebuilding the place, money isn’t one of them.

Thanks to every member of the Oyster Bay community – artisans, storeowners and the all-important devotees – for your ongoing support and interest in this jewel of the Second Life cultural community.  We’ll be back.

Oyster Bay closed temporarily

A technical glitch caused a great number of prims to be auto-returned at Oyster Bay.  As such, I’ve had to close the facility until I can rebuild the place.  This will happen as soon as possible.

In addition, any events scheduled for Oyster Bay should be considered cancelled until further notice.

I offer my sincerest apologies for this inconvenience.  Clearly, it was not intentional.  Please plan to keep abreast of our progress in rebuilding via the Second Arts weblog and through the “Oyster Bay Sculpture & Aquarium” SL group.

New YouTube group: Second Life Art Video

Juria Yoshikawa set up a group on YouTube for SL artists and the videos they make inworld. Within 24 hours, there are already 10 videos and 13 members. Not bad! As part of that 10, I tagged Kronos Kirkorian’s “Spring 2007 @ Oyster Bay” to this group. You can watch it right here, too:

There are some other impressive videos here as well. Juria’s videos alone make this worth the look as his incredible installations only last for such short durations. Machinima of ALL of these artistic efforts, and blogs like Second Arts, add to the historical registry of this wonderful moment in the history of digital artwork.