Three incredible gallery RE-openings this week

Second Life art fans need to check out these 3 art gallery launches following their remodelings, the Artisan Galleria Skyline Art Experience, JazzWorks and The Gallery at Shengri La. Each is a reflection of the creative vision of their owner and is DEFINITELY worth a visit.

Artisan Galleria Skyline Art Experience

Jordan Morgenrote (owner and designer of Jordan’s jewelry at Oyster Bay…where does she find the time?) surveyed the SL art landscape over the late spring and early summer, deftly picking up on a couple things:

  1. The art viewing public really liked the concept of the the fully immersive art experience pioneered by Sabine Stonebender at Zero Point and further popularized by Juria Yoshikawa, who offers must-see, limited-run shows all over the grid. As in, REALLY likes them.
  2. The 2D “wall art” gallery world is quickly becoming glutted. But that’s nothing we didn’t know. I won’t make any judgements on the new entrants here, but one major result is that it is increasingly harder to make your gallery, no matter how strong you are, heard above the din.

Jordan bravely looked her two Artisan Galleria towers in Bellatrix in the face and decided that there had to be a better way. Fine galleries and gallery spaces, they were probably best of the breed. Problem is, that breed is quickly getting tired in Second Life.

She started the transformation of her place with a new sculpture garden (launched at a very successful opening gala that benefitted the Muscular Dystrophy Association). Laid out by Rezago Kokorin and featuring high-quality, low-prim pieces, this place was designed to be a romantic sanctuary – a place to admire art or spend a tender moment. On both fronts, mission accomplished.

Next, she pulled the towers. As in, deleted them. A gutsy move, but a necessary one. The towers were fine structures, but they were plain. They were “old school.” To transform, one needs to shed themselves of old trappings and embrace the new. Boy did she ever!

With the new land, the sculpture garden expanded. Jordan also installed a “teleport station” in the more modern style befitting the Bellatrix sim to bring people to the Skyline Art Experience.

To see a preview of the incredible Skyline Art Experience, as well as read about the two other galleries, look below the fold!

Teleporters to the gallery that is the Skyline Art Experience will find 5 floors, with a common space and two wings on each floor. Jordan has included even more sculpture works in the common spaces along with the obligatory teleporter to hop between floors.

The wings are each taken over by an individual artist. And I really mean “taken over”. Jordan gave the artists free reign to create their own personal immersive art exhibit within their space. The results are spectacular. Simply put, there is no space like this in Second Life. I took a few snapshots as samples, but you really need to visit to take in the entire place.

Finny Yates has one incredible space, filled with mood and ambience:

On the other side of the first floor, Gracie Kendal offers her “Hanging with Mondrian” exhibit:

Going upstairs, Esch Snoats offers a more standard gallery experience….until you get to the back of the space. That “See What’s Inside Esch’s Head!” display is really, REALLY cool. I also appreciate the carnival-ish, Monty Python-ish introduction to that space. Well played!

Douglas Story played with textures to build mood in his “purdy pikshers” space.

elros Tuominen‘s “World In Motion” space takes full advantage of the space. All I can say is WOW.

The Abyss” co-creator Rezago Kokorin’s space, showcasing his range of work – from 2D to 3D sculpture – even some really creative 3-D framed artwork:

Grimfiddle Dogpatch’s “southwest”-inspired space:

blue tsuki’s space – a little difficult to show because there is so much behind this impressive entryway:

Last, Elko Schufang’s playful space:

The Skyline Art Experience, opening today, is just incredible. Jordan’s vision will benefit all of Second Life – hats off to her for her bravery in shedding the old and embracing the new!


Jazz Calhern, a featured photographer in the new Second Arts Photography gallery at Oyster Bay, is a reasonably new SL photographer who had a smallish gallery as she got started in SL. Unlike most who open these new galleries, Jazz continued to hone her craft and build her inventory of creative SL photography. She busted out at the seams in the old place and built this new one.

OK, “built” is a little strong. It’s a prefab building, Jazz tells me, but she had to HEAVILY modify it to work as an art gallery. (Nice choice of sculpture in the front yard, too! Where have we seen that before?)

To commemorate the opening of this new space, Jazz created a whole new series of portraits called “Manpower.” This huge new collection highlights some pretty impressive looking guys through Jazz’s creative lens. Here are a couple snaps of the show:

The second floor is filled with “Sacred Lion” photographers, of which Jazz is one. I’m gonna have to look into this Sacred Lion thing as the works there are really impressive. I recall messaging Jazz as I walked through this floor earlier in the week and asked her why I even bothered to open a gallery of SL photography….it was all done so well right here!

Jazz kept the third floor for herself, offering a sampling of the rest of her portfolio. Some portraits, some environmental, some “still-lifes” – all taken through Jazz’s lens and often reworked with Photoshop to achieve real impressive effects. Not putting any of her work down, I have to say that I was drawn to her impressive black and white pieces.

I’ve only recently started to become a connisseur of SL photography, but my initial instincts of bringing Jazz to Second Arts were dead on. She is one of the bright lights in the SL photography scene, and JazzWorks further reflects on that vision.

Jazz tried to have a grand opening earlier this week, but grid bugs frustrated her (and the rest of the Metaverse) all evening. So she’s going to have a “re-grand opening” open house on Sunday, 12 August from noon to 3PM SLT. Jazz tells me, “This is NOT a formal affair – dress creatively!” I think I’ll have to break out my Madcow Cosmos “Bad Bones” avi for this one!

The Gallery at Shengri La

I met Callipygian Christensen at the DeepSexyCool: Culturebeats show in July, where she needled me for my promotion of the event as “the finest artists in Second Life.” Like there were no others. To be clear, I said, “Some of the finest artists in Second Life” (emphasis added). We shared a laugh over my parsing of words and struck up a friendship.

Calli then invited me to check out her SL photography at The Gallery at Shengri La, her home base. She also has a landscape photography gallery in Shengri La (across the water from the big gallery) and a themed gallery in the Victorian steampunk sims of Caledon.

I was blown away by what I saw. Calli is a master. Some of the photos I saw were so stunningly realistic that I swore that she was doing a mixed media presentation of avatar portraits and real life photography. Not the case, though; she’s just that good.

Calli informed me as we toured that she was tiring of the old build and was going to freshen it up. She planned to retexture it and swap out a collection….or so I thought. The gallery is retextured, as shown above, but she’s also restocking the entire gallery!

When I stopped by today to take some representative snapshots, she only had the first floor stocked. Gosh, does it look good!

Calli is also very excited about the new photo displays that she’s using in this remodelling. I like them too, as they lend gravity to each piece as a distinct work of art and not just “wall art.” Here’s a closeup with a couple of my favorite pieces of hers (yes, they really are SL photos):

Calli’s going to work into next week to finish the remodelling, with a planned reopening event on Wednesday, August 15. Check out the SL events calendar for specifics.

There you go – 3 incredible galleries featuring some of SL’s finest artists! (Hee hee – I had to, Calli!) If art in Second Life interests you, you need to stop by all three and give them the time and attention that they deserve. All different from each other but great in their own ways, these galleries are examples of the creativity, innovation and beauty that exists in Second Life.

(And now I’m off to figure out why my HUD controller for my glasses showed up on every one of these snapshots…grumble grumble grumble…)

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