Recap: Second Arts Photography opening party

Under the haze of a Second Life grid that still has not fully recovered from the griefer attacks that took down 13 Relay For Life sims, the new Second Arts Photography gallery at Oyster Bay opened its – errr – doors (? – there are no doors in the place) to the public.

Somewhere around 40 people stopped by during the official hour-long grand opening…a really impressive crowd for such a relatively small facility! Jazz Calhern and Isolde Flamand, who split the first floor gallery space, were on hand to mingle with guests and answer questions about their style and process. I think both artists were pretty exhausted by the time was up, but they handled the crowds like professionals.

Guest reaction to all of the works, including Ty Ebisu and Paolo Bade’s, was overwhelmingly positive. And this wasn’t the typical platitudes – people were buying up pieces for themselves! With all of the styles on display, there was something for everyone – and also a very nice sampling of the different possibilities available in Second Life photography. Perhaps the best comment I heard all night was, “This show makes me want to run out and start taking some pictures!”

The building is quite cozy, as I mentioned, so I built a temporary extension on the second floor balcony over the walkway up to the gallery. DJ Doubledown Tandino set up shop there and played a set that started with some jazzier music. As the crowd filtered upstairs through the balcony to dance, he turned up the beats and gave the people some great club mixes. Nothing beats a party!

Here is Jazz Callhern (in the dress, in the front) and Isolde Flamand (in the pink pantsuit, in back) dancing the night away with the guests:

Doubledown had to leave at the eight o’clock hour to DJ another event, but he let us leave the feed on as he kept playing – this time, mixing the best electronic music of 1997! Ever the photographer, Isolde Flamand grabbed this photo from the party as we danced deep into the night:

Second Arts Photography grand opening by Isolde Flamand

A great night, a great gallery experience for all and four great photographers! If you haven’t stopped by to see Second Arts Photography, please do so!

[UPDATE: Doubledown posted an event mention on his site as well.  Thanks, DD!]