Hidden Starax! Week 3: When Animals Attack!

One of the joys of organizing a long-form, rotating exhibition like Hidden Starax! is the ability to mix and match pieces to fit a theme. Last week was the fantastic (and funny). This week, the Crescent Moon Museum and Oyster Bay offer two pieces that investigate Starax Statosky’s wild animal forms: “Sand in your face” and “Nature”.  “Sand in your face” will be around through Sunday night, and”Nature” will be here through next Wednesday.

Daedalus Young took this photo of “Sand in your face,” a wonderful work that takes the classic “man v. nature” theme and does it through the lens of a construct made of sand:

And here’s a shot of the free-to-copy Starax sculpture of the week, “Nature” – using a metallic shine to emphasize the wild animal nature of the lion attack on the horse:

More photos of both after the fold:

“Sand in your face” – with a couple closeups:

Starax often found space for some levity in even his most serious works, like the pail and sandcastle….or the ice cream cone. And note the figure on the ground is “melting” into the sand…

And lastly, one more from Daedalus:

Now, “Nature.”  We’ll first look from overhead:

A closeup on the facial detail of the lion:

I especially liked Daedalus’ work on this one. He describes the process: “This Snap used the RenderDynamicReflections Setting from the Debug menu.”

Another great look at one of SL’s masters.  Come and enjoy!

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