On display: Diana The Huntress

I’m really excited that this piece is now on display at Oyster Bay – Diana The Huntress by Pumpkin Tripsa:

Second Life is still getting its arms around the concept of sculpted prims (sculpties), and – quite frankly – there aren’t a ton of really good ones out there. (But they’re getting better….the dolphins and orca off the pier at Oyster Bay are well done, and I’ve seen a very nice private sculpture commission from Charlot Dickins…)

Diana the Huntress, however, is the first sculptie sculpture I saw that really impressed me. The fluid nature of the stretched sculptie texture is a perfect match for the outstretched figure – same for the stone (marble? quartz?) texture, which adds a timeless element while playing to the strengths (limitations?) of the scultpie form.

So this piece has important SL historical significance as one of the first of the best of breed for sculpted prim sculpture works. Wouldn’t you know, Pumpkin also put the piece out as a “free to copy” piece. If that’s Pumpkin’s intent, Oyster Bay will honor it. So stop by, grab a copy and own a piece of history!

3 Responses

  1. It’s free to copy because it’s originally a Sculpty Contest entry, and also a winner. It strikes me the winners aren’t in our Libraries yet. Also, if you’ve seen the latest Second Opinion Newsletter, apparently the Tazmanian Devil sculpture was disqualified after all, and replaced by the Lagozone paste.

  2. And THAT, friends, is why we have comments. I probably should have known that Diana the Huntress was in the contest…but I did not. Thanks to Daedalus for offering the additional insight!

  3. Ah, you’re welcome. 🙂

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