HIDDEN STARAX! Week 2: “Teapot” & “Flower and Fairy”

The Crescent Moon Museum and Oyster Bay’s Hidden Starax! show takes a decidedly fairy-tale turn with two fantasy-driven pieces on the main sculpture platform: Starax’s “Teapot” house and his “Flower and Fairy”.

The fairy and butterfly in “Flower and Fairy” are interesting, as they are apparently “temporary rezzing” prims. This usually is a sign of a property owner who is short on prims – to put a construction in a “temp-rezzer” which will flash in and out occassionally. The fairy is a very impressive sculpture in itself – intricately designed construction.

Enjoy the childlike wonder of these beautiful pieces of prim construction – and grab a free copy of “Happy Easter Mr. Carrot” as well! All of these pieces are on display until Wednesday night.

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