Blog series on music in Second Life

Red carpetJust wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a great blog series getting started at Evolving Web – that of the importance and impact of music in Second Life.  Reading through, I find myself sharing many of the same views as the writer – especially on the social aspect of the SL music scene.  (I’m a reasonably big proponent of music in SL, if you haven’t figured.)  It really is different than real life, as author Jim Benson describes:

Until the advent of Second Life and similar virtual world technologies, the Internet had really only extended pre-existing trends towards music listening as an asocial private activity. As with iPods and the Walkmen before them, listening to music online has been largely a solo activity so far. The iPod advertisements were somewhat foreboding in this respect, the individual reduced to lone dancing silhouette — action without social interaction. In so many situations, we listen alone.

However, Second Life is re-creating music online as a truly social event. The music played live and streamed through Second Life is simultaneously experienced by those gathered. This is a fundamental shift — with Second Life broadcast media and experiential media coalesce.

Apparently there will be a series of postings on this topic.  I look forward to the next installments!

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