Nicholaz is at it again

…and this time, he’s apparently going to work on the SL voice viewer, with it’s crappy user interface (the “Communicate” popup window).  More power to him….he singlehandedly is making meaningful improvements to the Second Life viewer on the all-important back end (the machinations of the viewer that makes it run more efficiently on our individual computers).

Now he’s moving toward fixing the front-end – fixing the interface to make a better SL experience for the user.  And it’s all open source…one man making the SL viewer his hobby, and we all benefit.  Just blows my mind that the (paid) team at Linden Lab can’t make the fixes that he can.  I mean, Nicholaz’ viewer is qualitively better than Linden Lab’s (presuming that you don’t want voice, as he hasn’t released his version yet).

Can’t wait to see that new Nicholaz SL voice viewer!

Thunders & Kokorin’s new pieces at Oyster Bay

The partners on The Abyss project, Rezago Kokorin and Sunn Thunders, both placed two new sculptures at Oyster Bay this week as part of our emerging summer-fall show.

Sunn built “Steorra Sculpture”, a 3-prim piece with a marvelous rotating starfield texture.  It’s not easy to make low-prim work like this and make it interesting, but Sunn’s effort shows in a piece that offers a sense of wonder and mystery.

Rezago offers “The Last Engine on Earth,” a simple looking yet fascinating kinetic sculpture. Notice the great texturing – that’s the easy part. The hard part to see in a static image is the circling, overlapping rings.