HIDDEN STARAX! Week 2 – “Happy Easter Mr. Carrot”

Starax Statosky’s (dark?) sense of humor flows forth in “Happy Easter Mr. Carrot”. It’s a fun, cartoony piece – I love the gloves and boots on the carrot!

Although it’s a free, copiable piece – most Starax collectors have never seen this one. Thanks to the Crescent Moon Museum and Oyster Bay, it’s available for the taking….for free!

More photos of this fun sculpture after the fold…

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HIDDEN STARAX! Week 2 – “Handstand”

It’s a mix of the serious and humorous as the Crescent Moon Museum and Oyster Bay kick off week 2 of Hidden Starax!.

One of Starax’s widely-acknowledged masterpieces is “Handstand” – on display through Sunday evening:

This is an amazing study in the human form. I just find myself wanting to look at it from all angles:

Lots more after the fold:

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“The Abyss” makes the Metaverse Messenger

Read all about Sunn Thunders and Rezago Kokorin’s great build here on page 9 of the linked PDF.  As a disclaimer, I helped Peachy a little with the article.

And in case you are interested, M2 made me the Resident of the Week (page 8).  (woot!)