Good news from the Lindens: WindLight is coming back!

Considering the lousy condition of the Second Life grid since griefers attacked the grid over the weekend (or perhaps since system engineers erred on some database configurations?), we SL residents deserve a little good news. Lo and behold, Torley Linden’s got it for us: WindLight is coming back to the SL viewers real soon!

To everyone asking me when WindLight will be back…

within this month, I hope! That’s an estimated schedule which is neither too slack nor stringent, allowing for some room to breathe should there be unexpected problems.

Our Project: WindLight team has been working onwards and upwards, squashing bugs and getting things in line for a First Look re-release, likely to follow the debut of Voice in the main viewer.

Voice and Windlight in the very near future.  Our little grid is going to change pretty dramatically…assuming the griefers let it stay standing long enough for us to enjoy images like this!

Two new sculptures at Oyster Bay

We’re going to slowly start turning the gallery over in anticipation of a “summer/fall show” launch at the Second Life Community Convention.  Pieces will start to be replaced going forward – in fact, it’s already happening!

Sabine Stonebender is showing off Star Well, in the tradition of her layered “onion” sculptures.  The kinetics on this piece are amazing, and I really like the combination of form and texture on this one.

Breeze Winnfield offers Shaman’s Pot, which has very strong texturing indicative of her building prowess.   I think my favorite feature on this, though, is the gentle particle flame/steam rising from the pot.  Strategic use of particle is something I’ve looked at in my work – and I’m surprised more artists don’t give them a try.

We’re off and running toward the fall show!

DeepSexyCool – The event!

Yesterday was the big day for the Playboy sim’s DeepSexyCool show, which was hosted by DJ Doubledown Tandino. Lots of great art (and artists!) on hand for the show.

Sabine Stonebender also grabbed a snapshot of her sea dragon prior to the festivities – a great shot, don’t you think?

DeepSexyCool - Sabine Stonebender sculpture

Daedalus Young captured the fantastic feeling one had at this sandy sim with this photo, taken from inside a Madcow Cosmos piece:

And then the party started. In this writer’s humble opinion, the “life of the party” role was split between Doubledown, Alia Whitfield (hands-down winner of the Unexpected Comment of the Night Award – Don’t ask…) and Static Schultz. Alia and Static are pictured below, jamming to DD’s house/funk/classic pop mix:

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